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Sicilian & Italian Pantry Products

Organic Olive oil, Ancient Grain Low Gluten Pasta, Pistachio products, salts....My Sicily Experience tours have introduced me to many amazing, passionate producers! I am offering a growing collection of exclusive artisanal Sicilian products, all made with clean, organically grown ingredients.  Until you come to Experience Sicily with me, this is the next best thing!

and now...Hearing your requests, I have jarred up my famous tomato sauce for you! 

It’s not just any sauce, It is Ric Orlando’s BEST! It’s the Filetto di Pomodoro from my New World kitchens. Made simply with 5 ingredients; the best sweet tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, fresh basil and sea salt, no “spices”, no preservatives, no sugar! 

We have both a smooth and chunky version to suit your tastes.