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Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sicily, Prizium Brand, Sicily -Organic

Tastemaker Market Curated by Ric Orlando

This is super premium olive oil from organically grown olive trees in beautiful and bountiful Sicani mountains south of Palermo, Sicily. Prizium is from Prizzi, the birthplace of my paternal grandfather, so you might say it is family oil!

This EVOO is the real deal that is very rare in the US. It is the kind of stuff that you need to "Know a guy" in Sicily to obtain. Well,  I know a guy or two!

Prizium EVOO is crazy high in polyphenols, organically grown, small batch pressed snd hand packed in a small, family run facility in Prizzi.  This is the best oil for consuming raw to maximize its sweet mountain flavor as well as its miraculous health benefits. My friend Pepe presses and hand packs this oil right after harvest. The beautiful bottles are hand dipped in wax to protect the oil. Get it while it lasts.

500 ml bottle

Customer Reviews

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jeanne dross
haven't tried it yet

But anything Ric cooks or recommends is excellent: one of the few people I know who really understands what good food is! And he's the best chef ever in upstate New York!!!

Michael Bitterman
havnet tried it yet

i haven’t tried it yet

Debra S
The real deal

Amazing products from an amazing company!

Jency Elliott
As good as Chef Ric said

I just received my olive oil yesterday. It’s so full of flavor. I had it on a salad with a little fig balsamic vinegar. I could taste the difference from my other olive oils. I would recommend it to anyone that want a top rate olive oil.


Very flavorful great aroma. This is what EVOO is supposed to taste like. Gear for dipping, dressing, and for use in tinctures. Highly recommended.