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Vescera Ancient Grain Pasta, Penne Rigate -Low Gluten

Tastemaker Market Curated by Ric Orlando

 I am one of only few vendors in the US offering this organic ancient grain pasta from Sicily. Vescera is very small family owned pastaficio. I hand selected this pasta myself after a through tasting at the Azienda in Corleone.  

Fact Sicilian Ancient grains are lower gluten and are different gluten than is in most of our food in th US. The Sicilian ancient grains contain TRADITIONAL GLUTEN Strains from 2000 year old semolina varieties. Though it is not recommended for those with Celiac, it may be perfect for those with Gluten Sensitivities as it is easily digestible and has never been modified or sprayed with toxic chemicals


Penne are the standard for rich sauces like ragu, puttanesca and marianara. They are made with organic ancient Sicilian grains, such as: Perciasacchi/Tumminia/Russello. Their bronze drawing makes them  rough enough to retain seasonings and flavors.

TYPE: Short Pasta

CATEGORY: Organic Ancient Sicilian Grains

VARIETY: Perciasacchi / Tumminia / Russello

SIZE: 500g/ 4-5 portions per box


COOKING: 7 min.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Diane Mastroianni

The best low gluten pasta I have tasted after searching for many years, delicious! Agrees with my gluten sensitive husband too!

Laura Corrado
The pasta was delicious!

I made a simple dinner of pasta & broccoli and the flavor of the pasta was amazing, I did not have to add any salt. Most importantly, I didn’t have any stomach issues.
7 minutes was the perfect al dente!

frank flynn
Pasta the way it should be

I love the taste and texture, my wife who is gluten sensitive enjoys it as well.

Vin C
Delicious and aldente

Great stuff, real high quality pasta and lower in gluten. Not gluten free but if you have gluten sensitivity it might help. So much better than rice pasta.

jules reilley
Penne Rigate

Delicious, cooked in minutes , I really enjoyed it . With a simple marinara and fresh grated Parmesan Reggino

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