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Vescera Ancient Grain Linguine -Low Gluten

Tastemaker Market Curated by Ric Orlando

I am one of only few vendors in the US offering this organic ancient grain pasta from Sicily. Vescera is very small family owned pastaficio. I hand selected this pasta myself after a through tasting at the Azienda in Corleone.  

Fact: Sicilian Ancient grains are lower gluten than is in most of our food in the US. The Sicilian ancient grains contain TRADITIONAL GLUTEN Strains from 2000 year old semolina varieties. Though it is not recommended for those with Celiac, it may be perfect for those with Gluten Sensitivities as it is easily digestible and has never been modified or sprayed with toxic chemicals

Linguine are perfect for seafood sauces, Aglio e olio, Puttanesca or whatever your imagination creates. They are made with organic ancient Sicilian grains, such as: Perciasacchi/Tumminia/Russello. Their bronze drawing makes them  rough enough to retain seasonings and flavors.

This specific variety of linguine is subjected to a drawing with bronze molds, this pasta has a porous and wrinkled texture which helps to better retain the sauces.

Watch the video to see how the pasta isn't drained, it is pulled from the pasta water with tongs, then simmered in the sauce with a few ladles of the pasta cooking water to get that perfect al dente bite.

TYPE: Long Pasta

CATEGORY: Organic Ancient Sicilian Grains

VARIETY: Perciasacchi / Tumminia / Russello

SIZE: 500g/ 4-5 portions per box


COOKING: 7 min.

Customer Reviews

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Anna Pollaci
Pasta heaven!

I made some pasta for my Brooklyn Italian teenage granddaughter. She asked me where I bought it, what it was made from and how her mom can get some because her mom’s pasta was disgusting. She said it was the very best pasta she ever had. How’s that for a blind taste test review! AND now I’m her Hero!

jules reilley

Vescera Ancient Grain Linguine -Low Gluten

Corine DeFrancesco

Vescera Ancient Grain Pasta, Linguine -Low Gluten