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Purple Haze Psychedelic Hot Sauce

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Purple Haze- Get latest, greatest hot sauce in the world. 

Voted BEST PRODUCT 2021,!!!

Purple Haze Psychedelic Hot Sauce is a totally original sauce. In the early days of New World Home Cooking in Woodstock I created a hot fiery dish called Purple Haze Shrimp that my customers raved that it got them Trippin'.

Dave Matthews Band took a gallon on tour! Rollins, P-funk and more dig the Haze.

Packed with just enough Habanero to get you hallucinating, layered with lightly fermented red cabbage, pineapple, herbs, ginger and cider vinegar, it is a TOTALLY UNIQUE HOT SAUCE. The color comes from the red cabbage which actually makes the habanero easier to digest. Use it as a condiment and also as a component in your cooking. RIc-ter Scale 7

Note: We use northeast cabbage and the color of the sauce may vary with each batch. Nature is like that. 

Purple Haze Hot Sauce was Voted Top Product fro 2021 by I'm a FLAVOR MAKER and an award winning chef from Woodstock, New York. I proved my chops. I Beat Bobby Flay and I'm a two time Chopped Winner and now I've packaged my Legendary Sauces and Seasonings for you to make your food ROCK!

Purple Haze and Dirty Blonde Hot Sauces are Woodstock originals... My stuff has been enjoyed by thousands ... and scores of very cool music people, too -- including Bowie, Rollins, Dave Matthews, Joey Ramone, the B52s, P-Funk, Bad Brains, the Dictators, Television, Blondie, the Felice Bros...this list is long.

Ric Orlando's BEST makes great cooking EASY.


Vegan/Gluten Free

Customer Reviews

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Incredible sauce. Spicy, sweet, tangy. Reminds me of the stripper I met during my bachelor party last summer. her name was brown sugar pineapple, she kicked me in the balls, and somehow… i… enjoyed it?

Shamaine Pleczko

Purple Haze Psychedelic Hot Sauce

Mike Pfisterer
Purple Haze

If it was socially acceptable I'd carry it around and drink it... amazing product!

Great hot sauce

Awesome hot sauce, the flavor is a little hotter and a little less sweet than I remember but maybe they vary by batch
Either way delicious hot sauce

Cherene Zito
Purple Haze is Fantastic

A few decades with Ric’s food creations, having it bottled is a dream. Have quite a few products and all are great!