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Dirty Blonde Sweet and Sticky Hot Sauce

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Oh Yeah, “She’s Hot, Sweet and Sticky” is a line from the classic rock anthem “Rock Candy” from the ‘70’s band Montrose (Sammy Hagar’s first band). Check it out.

Dirty Blonde is another of Ric Orlando’s unique and complex concoctions that tantalizes the tongue and the brain with its sphere of flavors.

Origin: Dirty Blonde was developed as an alternative BBQ Baste at New World Home Cooking Co. in Woodstock, NY in the 1990’s. It soon became one Chef Ric’s most popular choices on his signature grill menu and guests were ordering it brushed onto shrimp, chicken, pork chops, scallops, even tofu. People were ordering sides of it by the cup! Over time, the Habanero heat was amped up and the sauce was thinned out enough to be used both as a drizzle hot sauce, or a brush on baste.

Visual: Dirty blonde is made from lots of Amish Country clover honey, tropical juices and turmeric, which gives it a perfect golden hue. Flecks of black pepper and red habanero make it look just a bit dirty!

Heat: Dirty Blonde is a sneaky heat sauce. Like all of the Ric-ter Scale brand sauces, it is NOT a shock hot sauce, but a serious companion to a myriad of foods. Don't be fooled by the up front honey sweetness, your lips will be glowing after your first dose of Dirty Blonde. Because of it’s sheer deliciousness, you’ll use more and more, and the Savina Habanero heat will cling to your sticky lips.

Flavor: DIRTY BLONDE is SO DELICIOUS! This is where Ric's chef skills really shine. Dirty Blonde pushes the flavor envelope- Hot with habanero AND black pepper, sweet with honey and orange, acidic with vinegar and pineapple juice and bitter with turmeric and grapefruit. Toss in a few scert herbs and spices and you have another totally unique flavor profile.

Best Uses: Toss hot wings or fried chicken with Dirty Blonde. Drizzle blonde onto omelettes, rice, seafood and meat dishes, or use it as a baste when grilling anything. The honey will caramelize creating a Hot, Sweet and Sticky glaze you will come back for over and over.

Totally unique dish: Check out the video for Dirty Blonde Chicken and Waffles--AND TRY THIS TOO--Cook some dumplings, ravioli or pierogi in boiling water. Heat a large skillet with a knob of butter in it. Add the cooked dumplings, lightly brown and douse them with Dirty Blonde. Let the sauce caramelize. Dude, WTF? Seriously delish.




INGREDIENTS: Lancaster County clover honey, pineapple juice, orange juice, cider vinegar, onion, grapefruit juice, red savina habanero, turmeric, herbs and spices, xanathan gum,


Customer Reviews

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Michael Greenslade
Great hot sauce!

This is a great hot sauce the pairs well with many different foods.


I love this flavor, tangy but spicy. Very unique

The Best Hot Sauce Ever

If I was offered a final meal before my death, I would say literally anything with this hot sauce. If I could have this hot sauce permanently on an IV drip into my mouth, I would. My wife bought me a bottle four days ago for Valentine's Day, knowing it's my favorite. It is now gone. If you remotely like hot sauce, you have to try it. It's sweet, it's sticky, it's the perfect level of spicey. It goes on anything and everything. Do yourself a favor and get this hot sauce. Ric, if you ever need someone to take a thousand bottles of this off your hands, you give me a call. it will not go to waste. Get this hot sauce. I need a new bottle.


The flavor is amazing. I have tried it on beef, eggs and sausage and it’s makes everything taste better. It makes eating leftovers a real joy. My only problem is I only ordered 1 bottle instead of 5 :)

Robert Wells

Dirty Blonde Sweet and Sticky Hot Sauce