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The WORKS!- Ric Orlando's Kitchen Survival Pack- FREE SHIPPING!

Ric Orlando's Best Hot Sauce, Rub and Seasoning Shop

Are you ready to COOK?? Let me help!
Now you can RULE the kitchen with my Seasonings, Rubs, Sauces and Condiments. Your cooking will change forever! (And you save a lot!)

You get 1 each of my seasonings- 

JERK- Award Winning Jamaican Seasoning

CAGE- All Purpose Cajun Seasoning

DOBE- El Super Latino All Natural Seasoning

PERK - Mexican Coffee and Chile Rub

KESH- Perfect Moroccan/North African Seasoning

QRUB - Our addictive All American BBQ Rub


one bottle each of

Ric Orlando+Nine Pine CIder Ginger BBQ Sauce, Drizzle and Glaze

Ric Orlando +Nine Pin Cider Signature BBQ Sauce, Drizzle and Glaze


One Bottle each of

Purple Haze Original Psychedelic Hot Sauce

Purple Haze Double Dose Carolina Reaper Sauce

Dirty Blonde Hot Sweet and Sticky Sauce

 Meanhouse Everything Sauce






Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Emily Kopas
My kitchen is like a New World!

Big fan of “New World Home Cooking” back when it was in the Old House. Especially loved Rics Green Beans as well as the drippy, succulent Shrimp dish. That was 1996(?) I’ve been trying to duplicate those dishes ever since ( to no avail I might add!) Now I can get my never-forgotten fix! Delighted to be a forever customer!

Bruce Bart

I’ve been a lover of Ric Orlando’s products and cooking for 40 years….❤️🎵❤️

Survival Pack

Thank you for the prompt delivery and amazing variety. Looking forward to trying them all. Great value for the selection. Sharing the hottest with my heat loving friend.
Happy New Year!

John Fassett
Christmas gift.

This was a gift for my son in law. He's a barbecuin fool. He drooled in the package as he opened it. I've become a convert to Purple Haze. In time I'll try the others.