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Ric's Tomato Sauce Combo

Tastemaker Market Curated by Ric Orlando

These simple sauces really are Ric Orlando’s BEST! It’s the Filetto di Pomodoro from my New World kitchens. Made simply with 5 ingredients; the best sweet tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, fresh basil and sea salt, no “spices”, no preservatives, no sugar! 

Get both a smooth and chunky version to suit your family's tastes. 

It is super fresh tasting and perfect warmed up straight out of the jar or you can use it as a base for some amazing 20 minute dishes like: 

Shrimp fra diavolo- Saute shrimp in EVOO with some hot pepper, add the sauce and a pinch of oregano, toss with hot pasta, garnish with chopped parsley. Recommended pasta -Linguine

Mom’s Zucchini sauce - Slice the zucchini in half moons and boil with the pasta and toss with sauce, add more basil or even some mint to your liking. Recommended pasta -Caserecce 

Big Mushroom sauce- Saute mushrooms in EVOO, hit it with a splash of sweet wine like marsala or port, a pinch of rosemary and simmer while the pasta is cooking, then toss and top with a dollop of goat cheese. Recommended pasta -Penne Rigate

Sicilian Ricotta Sauce - Heat sauce, mix in a big spoonful of ricotta and some peas, toss with pasta. Recommended pasta - Caserecce

Pink Pesto Cream- Heat sauce with a big spoonful of pesto and a splash of cream, cook to amalgamate and toss with pasta Recommended pasta- Recommended pasta-Caserecce

Red Clam Sauce-Steam clams in white wine until they pop, add a pinch of oregano and sauce. Recommended pasta - Linguine

Pasta “Ceci”- Heat a drained can of chick peas with the sauce, a little broth of your choice and a big handful of parsley, toss with pasta. Recommended pasta- Penne rigate

And if course it is a perfect sauce to quickly make these classics:

Vodka sauce - Add a splash of vodka, a pinch of crushed pepper and a splash of cream. Recommended pasta- Penne Rigate

Arrabbiata Sauce - saute onions and hot peppers to taste  in EVOO, toss with sauce and heat through before tossing with your pasta, garnish with chopped parsley -Recommended pasta- Caserecce

Amatriciana - Saute diced bacon and onions, add sauce. Recommended pasta- Penne Rigate

Puttanesca Sauce- Saute some anchovy in EVOOk stirring until they melt, then add capers and olives, tomato sauce and heat through. Toss with pasta, parsley and add crushed pepper to taste. Recommended pasta-Linguine

Pasta ala Norma - Cube eggplant and saute in plenty of EVOO until golden, add sauce and heat through. Garnish with basil and grated Ricotta Salata Recommended pasta- Penne Rigate


Customer Reviews

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Leonard Tollerton
Correcting a past review

I gave a recent rating of 3, because I had not yet received my shipment, and was asked to give a review. I'm sure it's delicious, so I'd like to change to 5. Thanks.

Timothy Farley

Ric is a true master chef. I got a jar of the regular marinara and a jar of the chunky. I just received them and chose to start with the chunky marinara. HOLY MOLY!!!! It is the best marinara I have ever had! Bravo Ric Orlando! BRAVO!!!