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Meanhouse Sauce, an All Purpose Everything Sauce

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Meanhouse is my latest creation- It's smokey, spicy, tangy and sweet sauce made with smoked garlic, chipotle chile, cider vinegar, real cane and brown sugar. Thats about it! Think of it as a BBQ-Ketchup-Dipping-Drizzing..EVERYTHING sauce!

We smoke the garlic for 4 hous  to lend a mellow smokiness and sweet garlic aroma to this addictive sauce.

It's great as a BBQ Baste, a better spicier ketchup or an amazing dipping sauce. It also makes a great base for rocking cocktail sauce. Try it on ribs, any kind of burger, fries, eggs, fried fish, tofu or whatever else you desire. It is totally addictive!

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

This sauce truly makes EVERYTHING better! I can’t remember my life without it and had to buy a few more to give to family and friends!

Daniel Luby
So. So so good. 😊

Deep flavor. Perfect balance of Smokey sweet, tomato, and vinegar. Tastes like it was smoking all day! A perfect balance between Carolina and Kansas City styles. A new baby born of the two. I was born in GA. Then lived in Charleston. This is my new favorite go to. Also great on steak and burgers. Very versatile. You can’t go wrong …😃

Mike Pfisterer
Mean house

Wonderful mix of flavors that tastes great on just about anything. A great addition to the palate!

Tammy K. Firmbach

All of the sauces I bought by Ric Orlando have been fantastic!! I highly recommend them! The Meanhouse sauce and the BBQ sauces are fabulous!!


Great flavor and heat. Enjoyed it on dry rubbed ribs.