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Ric's Hot and Sweet Sauce 5 PACK

Ric Orlando's Best Hot Sauce, Rub and Seasoning Shop

Load up on FLAVOR! You will be the Dining Room Hero!

This set includes 1 each of

Purple Haze Original Psychedelic Hot Sauce

Purple Haze Double Dose Carolina Reaper Sauce

Dirty Blonde Hot Sweet and Sticky Sauce

Ric+Nine Pin Cider Ginger Cider BBQ Sauce, Drizzle and Glaze

Ric+Nine Pin Cider Signature BBQ Sauce, Drizzle and Glaze

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lisa Frisch
Five Ways to Get Your Heat On

I bought the 5 pack hot and sweet sauce set for a holiday gift and it's just perfect for your adventurous foodie friends or just folks that like a little burn on their tastebuds. The sauces, which I have had separately and enjoy very much, are not too hot, but are incredibly tasty and make anyone seem like a great cook.

Art Bernstein
Fantastic! Best sauces I have ever had/used.

Fantastic! Best sauces I have ever had/used.

Jeannette Maturo
Sauces and spices

Ric's goods are delicious, made with love and the tastes are exquisite. Each item is unique and versatile to pair your favoritefoods or create a new dish. Highly recommend all of them, my personal favorite is Dirty Blond as it's a perfect blend of sweet and spicy.