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Nine Pin Cider/Ric Orlando Ginger BBQ and DIPPING Sauce

Ric Orlando's Best Hot Sauce, Rub and Seasoning Shop

We have partnered with Nine Pin Cider to create tangy, zesty and deep BBQ sauce and dipping sauce using their GINGER CIDER made with NY apples. This rich dark sauce  is laced with molasses and grainy mustard and goes great with beef, pork, poultry, mushrooms and veggies and even asian noodles. Also try it as a dip for dumplings, egg rolls or skewers. It also makes a great steak sauce.

It is all natural made withy Local NY Apples and has many local ingredients. It comes in a generous 12 oz bottle. 



Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Diane Cognitore
Nine Pin Cider

Delicious! Have used on salmon and chicken so far. Works well with both.

gary borress
I keep re-ordering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ric Orlando's BBQ sauce is unreal. Super flavorful and we use it both during cooking and as a topping. Also great for dipping french fries!

Stephanie mastini

I can taste Autumn…

Mike Fisher
Excellence Revisted

I have been enjoying Ric's food now for decades and he ALWAYS Brings his A Game. His spices and sauces are no different. Top Quality, Delicious and fairly Priced (especially considering what you're getting...)